Here’s how to work less and be more productive.

Working less and being more productive all boils down to time management—i.e., creating a schedule and working that schedule. If you don’t have a schedule and work that schedule, you’ll fit into someone else’s schedule. 

What do successful people do? They have a schedule and work that schedule. They plan their year, months, weeks, and days. In your case, you’d ideally start in October to project for the next year. Then you’d fit in all of your vacation time, time off, and personal development—whether that means spiritually, mentally, or physically. I’ve found that if you don’t fit this into your schedule first, you won’t be able to once you get busy either. 

When projecting your schedule for the next year, plan your next month on the last Sunday before it starts. Plan your next week the Sunday before it starts as well. Plan each day the night before. This will keep you on track for your family life and business life. Is it perfect? Heck no! Things change, but if you don’t have the framework of your schedule in place, again, you’ll end up fitting into someone else’s schedule. 

“ When you do this, you will make more money and have more time off.”

Now that you know how to schedule, what do you put in your schedule? Outside of your time off and personal development, you want to work on your top five most important things:

  1. Lead generation/lead follow up
  2. Showing appointments
  3. Listing appointments
  4. Contract negotiations
  5. Marketing

Are there other things that go into your schedule? Yes, but they get added after these most productive items. When you do this, you will make more money and have more time off. 

Everyone’s situation is different, so if you have questions about this topic, feel free to give me a call. If you’d like a one-on-one business strategy session, feel free to get in touch with my office. I’d love to speak with you.